Jill’s Jekyll Island Bridals

Sometimes I crave a vacation. Sometimes I crave a creative shoot. This is what happens when I crave them at the same time! Jill and I had been throwing ideas back and forth for a couple of months and decided we would brave the Labor Day weekend traffic and drive to Jekyll Island! I knew I wanted driftwood, mossy trees, and beautiful light…and I couldn’t have chosen a better location! Jill’s dress was purchased at a local vintage apparel mart and her hair and makeup were her own creations. (Go Jill!)


Something about the photo to the bottom right is so magical.

My…what big EYES you have!

She was so brave to stand on the driftwood in that soaking wet, heavy dress! You rocked it Jill!

The clouds brought a downpour of rain. It was all we could do to shelter my equipment and ourselves. Look at that sky! Spooky….and I love it.

Erin and Adam’s Stone Mountain Engagements

Referrals are absolutely my favorite thing! I love that people talk about us and share their experience with us with their friends! Erin and Adam heard about us through a friend of a friend who knew a past bride! AWESOME! We met at one of my favorite locations, the Stone Mountain grist mill. As soon as I saw them walking hand in hand towards me, big smiles on their faces, I knew we would get along just fine! Erin and Adam know just how to make each other laugh, so getting the serious shots took a little practice. (Hey, when you love each other, it is hard not to smile!)


I love that Adam thinks kissing Erin is funny. Heehee.

Sigh….real laughter makes my soul (and my blog) happy!

Work it Erin! That look blows me away!


Your wedding cannot come soon enough! So excited about The Primrose Cottage!

Amy and Spencer’s South Carolina Wedding

I love any excuse to travel, so when Amy contacted me about shooting her and her fiance Spencer’s wedding I was more than excited! Amy and I went through our boy crazy years together in middle school (okay….so they were MY boy crazy years. Amy was always so level-headed..she would just laugh at me!) We lost touch over the years, but as soon as I saw her radiant smile I knew she was STILL that amazing person I knew back in 2000.


Like most men, Spencer was not SUPER into having his photo taken, but just look at him! Work it Spencer!

(He’s going to kill me for that one.)

If I would have let them, I am pretty sure they would have stood there gazing at each other all evening. Heehee, I love love!!

Congratulations Amy and Spencer! So glad that I was a part of your day!

Postcard Thank Yous

How cute is this idea? Instead of sending actual cards for thank you notes, Jessica and Scott decided to send vintage themed postcards! I hope that their family and friends will stick these on their fridges…seeing that they are WAY too cute to throw away! : ) Ask about how you can add Thank You Postcards to your package!

Jessica and Scott’s Bohemian Helen Wedding

Their love is evident. Their style is prominent. I fell in love with Jessica and Scott the moment they sent me the look they wanted for their engagement photos. As I sat at my desk reading their emails, I thought to myself “This is the couple I have been waiting for!” With calm, fun loving attitudes and drool-worthy clothing they did not disappoint! Jessica and Scott truly feel like friends. Stylish, gorgeous…. model friends!

I KNEW when I arrived on the wedding day that I would have creative freedom and an awesome event space to work with! The grounds surrounding River Mist Lodge in Helen, GA were to die for! Lush greenery, blue dewy mountains, and colorful wedding details EVERYWHERE! Am I dreaming? Sigh….

P.S. I posted WAY too many again!


something blue anyone?

Thank you Heather, for being a wonderful assistant and capturing these awesome photos of Scott getting dressed!

These bridesmaid dresses are killer! Love them love them!

Exactly why everyone should do a first look. Priceless expressions!

Jessica, I thought you would dig this vintage look.

Heehee, “Shalom Y’all”

It only took Scott a try or two to break the glass ; )

Isn’t this a cute idea? Can I go back in time and steal this for my wedding?

Here’s to a BEAUTIFUL wedding and new friends!




Daniel is crazy…and I love him.

I was expressing recently to my husband that I wanted to shoot something strange…something out of the norm. So what does he do? He runs to the bedroom and starts throwing on his craziest clothes and painting his face! Gotta love him! In reality, he does dress like this on a regular basis….minus the face paint. But you guys don’t know that, so you’ll still think he looks like craziness exploded everywhere. Heehee. Here are some of my favorites of my lover boy.


This one is perfectly normal, just thought it was cool! Look how snazzy he can be!

Now for the really bizarre. Daniel made this helmet out of paper mache a while ago, and we finally figured out something to do with it!

Sara and Lee’s Rome Wedding!

Beautiful venue, beautiful couple, perfect lighting, and THE most energetic bridal party I have ever seen….mix these things together and you get an awesome and unforgettable wedding! Sara may have been the calmest bride on the face of the planet!!! You go girl! Lee, you totally rocked the “groom portraits” and I think you really took to heart what I said about channeling GQ. Thanks for going with it! Here are a few (okay more than a few) of my favorites!


Sigh….dads. They are so sweet.

Such a cool venue…someone please book here in the future…and hire me! haha!

Aren’t these cupcakes divine?

This guys made this face every time I pointed the camera in his direction!!! Photo bomber of the night!

Kimberly and I stumbled to the car that night feeling absolutely drunk…..with not a drop in our system. I think you call that a PARTY! Loved you guys, congrats on your amazing wedding and all the best to you in the future!

The Blog is Back!

After months of keeping my blog on the back burner, I have decided to take it on again (full force this time!) I want to integrate my personal life into it this time, hopefully helping you guys to get to know me better! By the time we meet for your session you’ll feel like we are already bffs! Ha!

It being Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I have already broken out the grill at the local drive in theater with our good friends, sat through an awesome 12 inning Brave’s game (we won!), and eaten enough food to last all week. I feel like a balloon. A pretty red one….but still a balloon! Yard work is currently calling me but answering could lead to pure exhaustion and heat stroke, so I think I’ll pass for today!

There are lots of posts to come, from weddings and children, to engagements and boudoir so be on the look out because Sweet Darlin is back in the blogging world! Woohooo!

Because I have to post an image to make it look pretty, here is my new favorite photo!